Rethinking Plastic's product line below gives just a small idea of our project's scope. Just as the challenges facing us all are global challenges so are Rethinking Plastic’s ambitions in facing them. We welcome collaborations beyond our sustainably sourced and stylish fashion, exercise, home and automotive lines. With our knowledge and experience we encourage our customers to get in contact and work with us for a time when every facet of modern life is made in the same way that Rethinking Plastic’s has pioneered.

Rethinking Plastic’s passion for new ideas does not end with our ethically sourced materials, we understand the it is essential for this most important of environmental challenges that our progressive methods of developing materials are matched by our passion in our search for the very latest ideas in style and form whether that be in:

Fashion Wear

Our commitment to collaboration can be found in our designers bringing our customers the very latest designs; including but not only t-shirts, blouses skirts and jeans but also conveying with our customers about what they want from the very beginnings of the design process. Our highly trained designers and material makers are able to produce t-shirts and most clothing to spec within a 24 hour time period.



Our materials thrive in the creation of coat and outerwear designs. From thick, warm Parker's for ski slopes or British winters to lighter rain coats for a chilly evening. Rethinking Plastic’s has the fabrics to meet your needs.

Socks & Underwear

Reduce your carbon footprint with socks, boxer shorts and lingerie made from using our regenerated materials.



Rethinking Plastic's team have invested ourselves into the materials we wear, lightweight and stylish leggings, track suits and hoodies. Clothing to help improve your health and the environment at the same time.


We are committed to catering to all of our customer's interior requirements regardless of vehicle. From car seats to steering wheels to cup holders get in contact for a chat about your needs, our highly efficient car & van team is waiting.



From kitchen to bed and living room our we can provide materials for the most stylish but sustainable furnishings and fittings for any and     all rooms in your house in a wealth of both traditional and modern styles.

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